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Sun Sauce Moisturizer Touch Of Sunless From Lotion Source


Sun Sauce Moisturizer Touch Of Sunless From Lotion Source
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With A Touch Of Sunless

Sun Sauce Moisturizer with a touch of Sunless is rich in Shea Butter, a superb moisturizer with exceptional healing properties for the skin, and all natural hemp seed oil. Bathe your body in our very intense wrinkle fighting, anti aging Moisturizer while adding just a hint of color to your silky smooth skin.

Sun Sauce Skin Firming Bronzer 12oz
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Enriched with those ingredients found in the finest cosmetics such as Hemp Seed Oil, Monoi Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and Shea Butter which all give your skin the special treatment it deserves.

  • Gradually Darkens Over Time
  • Anti-Aging & Skin Firming Ingredients
  • Anti-Oxidants & Vitamins
  • State-Of-The-Art Skin Care
  • Wonderful Fragrance.
  • Brand: Sun Sauce Moisturizer
  • Product Name: Touch Of Sunless
  • Size: 18oz / 530 mL
  • UPC Code: 817304000052
  • Shipping Weight: 1lb
Apply generously and evenly to entire body as needed. Avoid contact with eyes. This lotion contains a sunless. Wash hands after applying lotion.
Hemp Tanning Lotion 5 Stars Sarah B I already had a base tan and I just wanted to get that really nice brown golden tan i used to have :) Within three 20 min tans, I was so brown that i couldn't beleive it!! Amazing bronzer!

Hemp Tanning Lotion 5 Stars Jimmy A friend told me to give this a try so I did. It works way better than my last lotion. Now I won't use any others!

Hemp Tanning Lotion 5 Stars Jenni Lotion smells great before and after tanning. I have had a great experience with the lotion since I bought it. I'm excited to go tanning now to know that I will smell good and get a nice golden brown color. I would recommend it to anyone!

Hemp Tanning Lotion 5 Stars Jim G I was a little worried when I first go the maxxed out bronze last year that it would smell like a chick but it was nice and didn't leave a lingering fragrance. This year I stepped up to the Private Reserve and I really notice the difference. Highly reccomend! AAA+++

Hemp Tanning Lotion 5 Stars Tara Thanks again for the fast shipping, got my order in 2 days! Love the bronzer, tonight will by my 3rd tan and so far it's great!

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